Audio Talk-Down: Its Benefits for your Business in 5 Simple Points


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April 7, 2023

In this article, we will explain the benefits of including audio talk-down in a business’s video and audio surveillance system’s overall strategy.

Sirix has been in the physical security industry for over a decade, securing hundreds of enterprises with remote live monitoring solutions and performing tens of thousands of voice talk-downs. We can confidently assert that audio warnings have a very high success rate and should be included in every comprehensive remote security solution.

So, if you want to learn more about this crime audio deterrent practice and how it may benefit your business, this article is for you.

Let’s do this by answering 5 simple questions!

What are audio talk-downs?


Audio talk-downs, also known as “voice talk-downs,” “automated talk-downs,” or “audio warnings,” are spoken interventions aired over speakers strategically positioned throughout your property. They can be installed on a vehicle lot at an automotive dealership, a construction site, a truck yard, and many other private or public sites with valuable assets to protect.

An audio warning is meant to deter crime by scaring intruders away from your property by informing them that they have been detected, prompting them to identify themselves, and threatening them with additional action if they do not leave the premises immediately.

The security voice intervention could be pre-recorded and automatically played when the AI camera detects an intruder. It can also be launched by a security operator after getting a video of the incident and examining it at the security operations centre. 

Finally, it can be done in real time by the security operators who are on duty at the time of the intrusion. These remote agents can follow a pre-established script by your organization or tailor the message to the situation at hand.

Voice warnings are often paired with a visual deterrent, like strobe lights, to further intimidate intruders and let them know they have been seen. When these two warning signs are combined, they have an even higher success rate in deterring or interrupting a crime in progress.

It is also worth noting that voice interventions serve various purposes for organizations. They can be used to broadcast important information over a college campus or office building, give lost people in a city, stadium, or convention centre directions, and much more.

How do audio talk-downs work?


The precise surveillance system with audio talk-down technique may differ a little from one security provider to the next, but here’s how it normally works:

STEP 1: The camera AI detects unusual behaviour

The camera’s artificial intelligence can discern between suspicious and normal activity, as well as between human, animal, automobile, and other disruptions.

AI cameras, for example, can detect an intruder wandering through your commercial parking lot after hours or strange vehicles approaching your construction site at night.

To learn more about surveillance cameras and advanced analytics, see our blog, The 7 Best Business Perimeter Security Solutions: All You Need to Know

STEP 2: The security operator receives and analyzes a live video feed of the incident

A digital alert is sent to the security operations centre in response to the incursion or suspicious activities. A skilled security operator examines the event’s real-time video feed and evaluates the situation.

  1. Is it a false alarm?

Remote operators are occasionally challenged with false alarms. Although camera AI is highly effective, it is possible that severe weather, harmless passers-by, or undulating foliage will mistakenly activate the alarm. In that situation, the operator logs the occurrence as a false alarm, writes a brief description, and moves on to the next task.

  1. Is it a real alarm?

In most circumstances, the alarm is legitimate, and a pre-established SOP must be followed depending on the situation.

STEP 3: A first vocal intervention is sent to the site

OPTION A: The pre-recorded message

The security operator activates the pre-recorded voice intervention, which prompts the intruder to identify themselves or leave the premises immediately.

OPTION B: The live vocal intervention

The security operator delivers an appropriate live audio announcement, asking the trespasser to identify themselves or leave the premises at once.

Here is an example of an audio warning:

“Please pay attention. This is a security announcement. You are currently being monitored via live CCTV. This is a private property. Please identify yourself by dialling 1-855-555-5555 to reach the security centre. I repeat. You are infringing on someone else’s property. Please identify yourself by dialling 1-855-555-5555 or immediately vacate the premises.”

The majority of interventions will stop here. Either the intruder is actually a subcontractor, a security agent, or cleaning employees who forgot to turn off the alarm system and will identify themselves to the security centre with their name and code, or they are trespassing and will be scared off by the audio security system.

STEP 4: A second audio voice down is sent to the site

If the intruder stays on your property despite the initial sound warning, the security operator will make a second vocal intervention.

Here is an example of a second audio warning:

“Please pay attention. This is a security announcement. You are currently being monitored via live CCTV. This is a private property. The authorities have been notified of your presence and are currently on their way to you. Please identify yourself by contacting the security centre at 1-855-555-5555 or immediately vacate the premises.”

STEP 5: Further actions are taken

On the rare occasions when voice-down warnings fail to persuade a trespasser to leave the area, the security operator follows the SOP. The majority of the time, they alert the police, who make sure to move quickly to apprehend the perpetrator. At times, the SOP instructs calling the site’s manager or owner.

Another important point to mention is that automated talk-downs can be tailored to each business and situation.

Why are audio talk-downs important for your business?

They are extremely effective at deterring criminal behaviour.

Audio warnings are security deterrents. Due to them, thieves are aware that they have been spotted and that CCTV footage of their actions is available and may be used as evidence. Also, they realize that the police will be alerted and dispatched right away if they decide to carry out their criminal plot.

As a consequence, you can save thousands of dollars that would have been lost due to intruder damage and theft.

In other words, voice talk-downs shift your security from reactive to preventative. Without voice warnings, CCTV footage would merely be collected and evaluated after the damage was done.

Are there additional benefits to audio talk-downs for my business?


Yes, of course! And here they are:

Safer environment 

Security systems with audio warnings make your property a safer place by deterring crime and minimizing the incidence of theft, damage, and loitering.

Voice talk-downs can also be used to transmit important messages across entire school campuses. Students and faculty, for example, could be notified of an impending threat.

Additionally, audio warnings can give lost individuals instructions in cities or public venues such as stadiums, convention halls, and amusement parks.

Finally, in retail stores, audio talk-downs can be effective theft deterrents. Whenever someone is detected stealing something from an aisle or in a staff-only area, a message can be activated asking a clerk to go help them, discouraging the customer from continuing his robbery scheme.

Time saviour

By catching the intruder before they commit their crime, audio warnings enable you to reduce incident-related administration.

Insurance prime reduction

Numerous insurance providers offer advantages and discounts to businesses that use audio and video surveillance systems. This is because numerous studies have shown that businesses that utilize remote live monitoring have a lower crime rate than those that do not.

Therefore, if your insurance company sees that you’ve taken measures to make your business less susceptible to burglary, they may be willing to reduce your monthly premiums.

Which industries can benefit from audio talk-downs?


Voice talk-down is a security technique that works in tandem with remote video monitoring. It is suitable for a wide range of businesses, including construction sites, automobile dealerships, cannabis farms, retail, truck yards, parking lots, and many more, because it can be readily implemented on any location by strategically arranging speakers. Implementing a voice talk-down plan can benefit any organization that wants to successfully protect their assets and equipment.

Here are examples of reliable speakers for voice talk-down:

The Axis C-1310

The 2N Speaker

The Toa

The Algo

Businesses can benefit greatly from remote live monitoring in a number of ways. Read Construction Site Surveillance: 7 Proven Benefits of Remote Video Monitoring, Top 10 Benefits of Automotive Dealership Live Video Monitoring, and Top 15 Proven Benefits of Business Remote Monitoring You Need to Know for more information.


How can audio talk-down improve customer satisfaction and loyalty?

Audio talk-down increases customer satisfaction and loyalty by contributing to a safer environment. Indeed, it reduces the occurrence of theft, vandalism, and other forms of crime on your property, and it can be used to quickly transmit important messages across entire infrastructures, such as school campuses, or to give lost individuals instructions in cities and public venues.

What are the key features of an effective audio talk-down system?

An audio talk-down system has a few key features:

  1. AI surveillance cameras: These cameras, which are equipped with advanced analytics, can detect suspicious activity and send an alarm to the security monitoring center to which they are connected.
  1. Security operators: Remote security agents receive alarms and analyze the live feed from the camera that has detected suspicious activity.
  1. Loud-horn speakers: After receiving the alarm, the remote security operator performs an audio talk-down through speakers installed throughout the business property.
  1. SOP: The remote security agent will adhere to the business’s specific SOP based on what happens next until the problem is resolved, such as the intruder being deterred or the lost individual being assisted.

How can audio talk-down help improve the overall customer experience for my business?

Audio interventions improve the customer experience by making the environment safer and assuring them that they will be warned or cared for in the event of an emergency or incident.

Is audio talk-down expensive to implement, and what is the return on investment (ROI)?

The cost of audio talk-down varies depending on the size of your business’s perimeter, which determines the number of surveillance cameras and speakers you require, the quality of the security devices you select, and the type of business you have.

Your security installer will be able to assist you in determining the type and number of cameras and speakers you require.

Your ROI will be determined by the nature of your business. The greater the likelihood of vandalism or theft, the more cost-effective audio talk-down is. Car dealers, for example, are one of the industries that benefit the most from audio interventions because they prevent costly thefts from occurring on their property almost every day. Furthermore, voice warnings save time by reducing incident-related administration. Finally, many insurance companies will lower their premiums for businesses that have voice talk-down because it has been proven that remote live monitoring reduces crime rates.

What are some best practices for creating effective audio talk-down scripts?

To deter criminals, audio talk-down scripts should draw attention, state that the individual is trespassing on private property, provide a phone number to call to identify oneself, prompt them to leave the property, and inform them of what further action will be taken if they do not comply.

Can audio talk-down be used to address specific customer pain points or concerns?

Yes, audio interventions can address customer pain points and concerns by directing lost people in cities or public places and making them feel safe in office buildings or school campuses.


Here you have it! The above 5 questions tell you everything there is to know about remote surveillance systems with sound warnings.

Do you believe audio talk-down could be beneficial to your organization?

Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

Sirix is a physical security industry leader that has been providing remote protection and site management services to clients across North America for over a decade. If you have any queries about the audio talk-down strategy, please do not hesitate to contact us. One of our security professionals will gladly react to your questions and concerns.

Don't compromise on safety.

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