Cannabis Remote Video Monitoring: Top 15 Proven Security Reasons Why You Need It


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April 14, 2023

In this blog, you will learn why cannabis remote video monitoring has evolved into the best security solution for the marijuana industry in 2023.

Since Canada, 21 US states, Washington, D.C., and Guam have made it legal for adults to use marijuana, the number of cannabis businesses in North America is on the rise.

Cannabis is a sought-after good, which makes farms and dispensaries more likely to be broken into or stolen from.

Sirix has become an industry leader in remote video monitoring as a cutting-edge security operations centre. Cannabis real-time video surveillance is one of our specializations, and many of our clients are already taking advantage of it.

So, if you own a cannabis business and are looking for the best way to protect your assets, these 15 reasons why marijuana remote video surveillance is the best way to go will help you decide.

So, without further ado…

What is cannabis remote video monitoring?

To begin, let us define cannabis remote video monitoring.

Cannabis remote video surveillance involves strategically placing security cameras and other devices (motion detectors, radars, etc.) on your business’s property so that all vulnerable areas can be watched and protected. These monitoring devices are connected to a security operations centre.

When a cannabis remote video monitoring system is equipped with powerful analytics, it can distinguish particular objects, such as individuals and vehicles. If the AI camera detects any unwanted activity related to cannabis on your property, an alarm is activated, and the footage is promptly sent to the remote monitoring centre. Trained operators examine the live video and assess the situation for any cannabis-related issues.

Operators intervene in accordance with the pre-established SOP after validating the alarm. They can, for example, execute an audio talk-down, phone the first person on your emergency list, or dispatch the police. This way, intruders will be stopped before they cause any damage.

Other useful solutions that are part of a complete remote cannabis security system include remote concierge and remote gate control, which allow visitors’ credentials to be checked with one-way video and two-way audio, and uptime monitoring, which allows you to detect any anomaly with your systems and infrastructures as soon as it occurs.  

In short, cannabis remote video monitoring enables you to remotely observe, monitor, manage, and safeguard assets, individuals, equipment, systems, and infrastructures on your site related to cannabis without requiring your physical presence.

Now that you know what cannabis remote surveillance entails, you can better comprehend the 15 reasons why it will help your organization.

REASON #1: It keeps your personnel, customers, and assets safe 24/7 by deterring crime


With the high value of weed on the illegal market, it is common knowledge that cannabis businesses are prime targets for thieves. Cannabis real-time surveillance is the strongest defence against theft, vandalism, and other illicit activities.

Many thieves will reconsider breaking into your business if it is protected by cameras and remote monitoring. They are aware of the great risk of being caught in the act by security operators. Furthermore, they do not want their crime to be filmed and video proof against them to exist.  

Any criminal activity related to cannabis introduces a risk factor for people. Criminals, thieves, and others with malicious intent may potentially create a hostile environment in your cannabis dispensary or grow facility. Cannabis remote video monitoring provides the same preventive aid as it does for theft, assisting in the safety of your customers and employees.

It is important to remember that displaying large warning signs on your property stating that your site is protected by live surveillance is an excellent way to deter burglars. Read our blog, “8 Expert Video Surveillance Tips for Your Business Security,” for more business security advice.

REASON #2: It delivers the fastest business incident response


Remote cannabis video monitoring offers the quickest reaction to any incident that may occur on your property, such as an intrusion, power outage, fire, or other.

Remote operators receive live footage from security cameras and can act quickly and in accordance with the pre-established SOP regardless of the situation, whereas physical security guards may waste time engaging with the criminal or attempting to solve the problem, potentially injuring themselves in the process. Furthermore, remote security operators’ health and safety are not jeopardized within the operation centre’s walls.

REASON #3: It allows you to meet state and federal security regulations.

Anyone permitted to grow cannabis in Canada must adhere to Health Canada’s cannabis security requirements

Constant monitoring of certified marijuana farmers’ premises is one of the prerequisites. You can then stay in full compliance with national security standards by using marijuana real-time video monitoring.

Cannabis remote video monitoring is crucial for compliance with the strict security regulations in place for cannabis businesses across various states in the United States. State-specific requirements dictate the number of surveillance cameras, camera resolution, camera placement, remote access to video storage, and retention period for recorded video. In the event of an incident or compliance check, law enforcement requires quick access to the stored footage, which can be easily provided through the use of remote monitoring of cannabis operations using live video surveillance technology.

REASON #4: It provides you with a 360-degree view of your site at all times.


The business’s owners, managers, and any trusted employees who have been authorized access can view the live video captured by the security cameras installed across your site on any Internet-connected device. You can keep an eye on the sales floors, safes, product storage rooms, processing facilities, outdoor grow sites, loading docks, and access points in this way. 

Some cannabis security companies, such as Sirix, have even created their own mobile application where clients can log in and watch live or recorded footage from their site. 

Thus, you can monitor the status of your operations during the day and ensure that no disturbance is occurring at night.

REASON #5: It keeps your business safe from malicious employees

Cannabis remote video monitoring businesses is an essential tool for combatting employee theft in the cannabis industry. Due to the nature of the industry, employees have easy access to valuable merchandise and may be tempted to steal. This is especially concerning when collusion between employees and security personnel is involved, as they can work together to carry out theft during surveillance hours. Implementing remote video monitoring allows business owners to monitor their premises and detect suspicious activity, reducing the risk of theft and increasing overall security.

Cannabis remote video monitoring can help you avoid these situations. Employees who know that the premises are under constant surveillance are less likely to attempt theft. Additionally, as security operators work remotely, the chances of employees forming malicious alliances with them against your company are significantly reduced.

REASON #6: It gives you routine site audits

Most marijuana security companies that provide remote video monitoring employ site analysts that regularly examine your connected site to ensure that all equipment and infrastructure are in working order and that no potential breaches are missed.

Following each examination, they send you a comprehensive audit of your site, highlighting any issues and detailing the necessary corrections. 

Cannabis remote video monitoring can also face issues such as dirty camera lenses, cameras facing in the wrong direction, obstacles obstructing a camera’s view, insufficient lighting, and so on. However, solutions to these issues exist, such as cleaning the camera lenses with a soft cloth, changing the angle of the camera, cutting tree branches that obstruct the camera’s vision, and adding a light source.

In this manner, you can be confident that your security equipment is working properly and that no incidents would go unnoticed.

REASON #7: It helps plan training for employees.


Remote video cannabis security systems allow you to monitor the work performance of your personnel. From time theft to an excessively passive sales force, underserving customers is detrimental to your profitability. 

Remote cannabis video monitoring also allows you to check on your employees’ work ethic and verify that they are not abusing their employee discount for family and friends and are not using drugs while on the job. 

By identifying employees’ weaknesses, you can tailor your next training session accordingly.

REASON #8: It provides robust visitor management

Security operations centres also provide cannabis security solutions, like remote concierge and remote gate control. They complement remote video monitoring and are simple to incorporate on your site.


When a visitor arrives at your company’s gate or door, the remote security operator verifies their identity using one-way video and two-way audio. This ensures that only individuals with permission have access to your site.


When a vehicle approaches the gate of your business, the remote security operator requests to see his credentials through unidirectional video and bidirectional audio. Only authorized vehicles are permitted entry.

In addition, based on the time of day, alarms can be set to go off if someone breaks into a restricted area. The monitoring centre gets the alarm right away, and the operator takes care of the problem by following the SOP. With cannabis remote video monitoring, you can also choose to get real-time notifications on your mobile device right away so you know what’s going on on your property.

REASON #9: It protects you against liability claims.

One of the most significant advantages of implementing cannabis remote video monitoring in grow facilities and stores is mitigating liability lawsuits. Nothing can prevent a disgruntled customer or any individual from initiating a civil liability case for a seemingly endless list of grievances.

However, video proof obtained through cannabis remote video monitoring can more successfully refute a bogus responsibility claim than any eyewitness account. Working with a reputable cannabis remote video monitoring supplier guarantees that you have the video you need, whenever you need it, to defend yourself against fraudulent liability claims.

REASON #10: It lets you check that employees follow safety protocols


Cannabis security cameras help you to ensure that your team adheres to all safety measures.

One of the security requirements for dispensaries, for example, is that customers’ IDs be validated by an employee before any sales. A surveillance camera pointed at the cash register helps you make sure that this guideline is observed. 

At cannabis farms, surveillance cameras enable you to verify that the product is being handled properly.

REASON #11: It is a cost-effective alternative to physical security guards


Remote monitoring is less expensive than employing physical security guards. In fact, you’ll likely need to hire more than one security agent to keep your company secure, which will increase the cost by a factor of two, three, or even four. Security operators monitor cameras remotely. As a result, a single security operator can always have a full view of your cannabis business and can react quickly to alarms.


Due to fatigue or boredom, physical guards may fall asleep or lose focus on the job, putting your property at risk. Security operators are always on duty with remote monitoring, keeping an eye on your property through video surveillance and alarm monitoring. This keeps them vigilant and ensures your farm or dispensary security.

REASON #12: It helps to catch thieves and bring them to justice


If a crime occurs on your property, remote security cameras will give you precise footage of what happened. In some situations, the evidence will help the police find the criminal and bring charges against them.

REASON: #13: It enables the use of voice warnings to stop a crime in progress

Voice warnings, often known as “audio talk-downs,” are pre-recorded or live vocal interventions delivered by remote security operators with the objective of stopping a crime on your property. 

When your cannabis farm or marijuana dispensary security systems detect suspicious behaviour, an alarm is generated and relayed to the security operations centre. The skilled operator studies the live video feed and, if necessary, performs audio talk-down to warn the suspects that they have been detected, to identify themselves, or to immediately leave the premises. 

For example, if a group of individuals gathers on your farm after business hours or if there is an intrusion in your cannabis store, the operator will warn them by voice talk-down that they have trespassed on private property and must leave promptly or further action will be taken. 

In most cases, one intervention is sufficient. However, security operators are sometimes required to do a second one. In rare cases, the intruders do not cooperate, and additional actions are taken, such as alerting the authorities, who usually arrive within minutes to make the arrest.

We recommend reading our blog, “Audio Talk-Down: Its Benefits For Your Business In 5 Simple Points,” to learn more about audio talk-downs and their proven benefits for business security.

REASON #14: It can save you time and money by monitoring your systems and infrastructures

On cannabis farms and other enterprises, a system failure could lead to lost goods and an exposed building. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of even the tiniest equipment flaw or system problem as soon as possible so that it may be rapidly fixed. 

Another monitoring service provided by the top security operations centre is uptime monitoring. It checks the activity of your security infrastructure.  It delivers a notification as soon as something unusual is found in your monitored network, devices, applications, or systems. By doing this, you may always be aware of the condition of your infrastructure and swiftly take action if an abnormality is found.

REASON #15: It offers peace of mind to cannabis business owners


Due to the fact that a marijuana business owner or manager may only be in one physical location at a time, a fully integrated remote cannabis security camera system allows you to remotely review all cameras at all locations from a single source. (via a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a computer)

This allows you to monitor the progress of your operations during the day as well as the safety of your property during off-hours. Furthermore, you can rely on trained security operators to maintain a close check on your premises and to intervene quickly to safeguard your property if necessary.

FAQs related to cannabis remote video monitoring

What is remote video monitoring?

Watching real-time video footage coming from security cameras placed in an indoor or outdoor location is referred to as remote video monitoring. The individual watching could be the owner or manager of the site, or a remote security operator in a monitoring centre. 

Any Internet-connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC, can view the video feed. 

Remote video monitoring is used for security, operational, and management purposes in private homes, condominiums, office buildings, and numerous organizations across the world.

How does remote video surveillance work?

Remote video surveillance is a type of security system that allows you to monitor your property or business from a remote location. The system uses video cameras that are connected to a network or the internet, allowing you to view live video feeds or recorded footage from anywhere with an internet connection. Remote video surveillance is a cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals who need to monitor their properties but cannot be physically present on-site.

A security operations center, often known as a monitoring station, can also carry out remote video surveillance. A secure connection is created between the security equipment on your site and the monitoring centre. When your camera AI recognizes suspicious activity, an alarm is triggered and a video of the incident is promptly transmitted to the centre. A remote security operator studies the scene and can react in real time by following the pre-established SOP, so keeping your business safe and stopping criminal activity from causing any damage.

What does video monitoring involve?

Video monitoring, also known as video surveillance, is a security system that uses video cameras to monitor and record activity in a particular area. The video footage is transmitted to a recording device, where it can be viewed live or stored for future reference. Video monitoring can be used to monitor both indoor and outdoor areas, such as buildings, parking lots, and public spaces.

Video monitoring involves several components, including cameras, recording devices, and a viewing platform or portal. The cameras can be fixed or pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, which can be remotely controlled to capture a wider range of views. The recording devices can be standalone digital video recorders (DVRs) or network video recorders (NVRs), which store the video footage for later viewing. The viewing platform can be a monitor or a computer screen, where the operator can view the live video feed or playback recorded footage. Video monitoring can be used in various industries, including retail, healthcare, and transportation, to deter crime, identify suspects, and improve safety.

Furthermore, authorized individuals can access the live and recorded video footage via mobile devices at any time and from any location with an Internet connection.


That’s all there is to it. You now understand why cannabis remote video monitoring can be advantageous to the security of your cannabis business.

Is one of the reasons mentioned above more relevant to you?

Tell us in the comments section below.

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