Parking Lot Security Solutions

Comprehensive parking lot security services for efficient deterrence and protection.

State-of-the-art remote security solutions for the parking industry

Total protection and deterrence

Sirix provides high-tech parking lot security services that keep your patrons and property safe.


remote-gate-icon- Remote Gate Control -
Control entry to your parking lot
by validating individuals' credentials.

loitering-icon - Loitering alerts -
Detect and stop loitering
in your parking lot.

sirix-remote-live-monitoring-icon- Virtual Guard Tour -
Prevent problems
by catching them early.

sirix-remote-concierge-icon- Emergency intercoms -
Provide immediate assistance
to customers in need.

licence-plate-recognition-icon- License plate
trigger -
Track the arrivals and departures
of particular vehicles.

time-alerts-icon- Time Alerts -
Track how long vehicles
stay in your parking lot.

tailgating-icon- Tailgating -
Identify tailgating incidents
and avoid parking space issues.

GUARDIANRemote Video Monitoring
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Secure your property, meet government regulations, save on guard costs.
DETERRENTVoice Talk Down
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Deter crimes and communicate with employees.
RESPONSEAlarm Video Monitoring
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Improve response time with verified alarms.
INSIGHTSVirtual Guard Tour
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Prevent problems by catching them early.
GREETINGSRemote Concierge
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Complete control of who enters and leaves your property.
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Complete control of vehicles that enter and leave your property.
ACCESSIBILITYMobile Application
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Manage arming status with Sirix mobile application.
TRACKINGHigh Value Cargo Monitoring
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Ensure your goods get to their destination safely.
ONLINEUptime Monitoring
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Ensure optimal cannabis plant growth and storage.

The parking industry is prone to a variety of crimes.

Our parking lot-specific remote surveillance solutions provide robust protection against such crimes.


Frequently located in isolated areas, parking lots provide various possibilities for thieves.


Criminals who intend to inflict physical damage to vehicles may target parking lots.


Some parking lots may turn into gathering places for loiterers who may commit crimes and frighten your guests with their rude behaviour.

Our Parking Lot Security Solutions

Our high-tech parking lot security services are a powerful deterrent against trespassing. Our security solutions can also assist in identifying perpetrators should an incident occur.

Loitering Alerts


Remotely detecting loiterers in parking lots and prompting them to leave is an effective technique to reduce vandalism and theft.

Individuals who are detected walking around the property for a predetermined amount of time cause loitering alerts to be sent out via remote video monitoring. The operators can then evaluate the situation and determine whether or not the individual poses a threat. Operators communicate with them and provide them with directions using voice talk-down.

Remote Gate Control


Remote gate control is a functional parking lot security solution that employs voice talk-down to remotely validate individuals’ credentials. The operators can then determine whether or not to allow vehicles entry. This method might be very helpful for consumers and employees who have lost their keys or passes.

In addition, remote gate control can lock gates during specified hours to protect customers’ vehicles.



Tailgating occurs when two or more automobiles use a single pass to enter a parking lot. This activity poses a possible security risk, and it can also lead to parking spot problems.

Our parking lot security solutions will assist in identifying instances of tailgating. The operators will be able to notify the emergency contact on your list. Then, your team may move quickly to guarantee that no damage is created and that disagreements are averted.

Emergency Intercoms


Emergency intercoms are a practical way to guarantee the security of your clients. By installing a few throughout your parking lot, those who require immediate assistance can contact an operator. The authorities can then be dispatched to the location.

Not only may the intercom be used to raise the alarm, but it also serves as an excellent deterrent.

License Plate Trigger


License plate triggers enable the identification of particular vehicles entering or exiting a parking lot. When a specific licence plate number is spotted by our security systems, an alarm is issued to the security operation centre and an operator can notify the emergency contact on your list.

Time Alerts


Not only can our high-tech security systems identify automobiles, but they can also track how long they remain in your parking lot. You may establish a trigger that notifies our operators if a particular vehicle has been parked in your lot for a specific period of time.

Virtual Guard Tour


Employing physical security guards to patrol your parking lot can be an effective, yet costly solution. Virtual guard tours can be a convenient and affordable alternative.

Because our cameras provide extensive coverage, our operators can monitor your parking lot for signs of unwanted activity such as loitering, vandalism, smoke, backwater, a person on the ground, and so on.

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Leveraging the latest technologies

Sirix monitoring employs the latest security technology to provide comprehensive coverage. Our services make full use of remote capabilities, ensuring that they are cost-effective.

We not only use the best technology, but we also ensure that our operators are properly trained. You can rely on our security personnel to act quickly and appropriately to help keep your premises safe.


Advantages of our parking lot security solutions

The best possible scenario emerges when a number of elements align.

An effective deterrent

Our parking lot security services make potential intruders aware they are being watched, compelling them to give up any plans to break in.

Quick reaction to incidents

In the event of an emergency, our operators will coordinate a prompt response from security or law enforcement.

A safe environment

Remote video monitoring and emergency intercoms limit possible threats, making your customers feel safer and motivating them to use your services again.

Robust visitor management

Remote gate control, time alerts, and license plate triggers will help ensure that only authorized vehicles can enter your property.

Customer service

Our parking lot security solutions help ensure that your company provides a great customer experience by allowing quick access while keeping the premises secure.

Reduced costs

By removing the need for physical security guards, our services will reduce the security expenditures of your business without jeopardising its safety.

Servicing all of North America

Take advantage of the finest service available from coast to coast. Contact us to share your ideas and let’s collaborate to develop the best approach.

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