Combating Crime with Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring in 2023


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March 30, 2023

Crime is an unfortunate reality that affects us all, whether we own a business or a home. However, technology has provided us with tools to help prevent crime and protect our property and loved ones. One such tool is remote video surveillance monitoring.

This blog post explores the world of remote video surveillance and how it can be used to combat crime.

It also covers some of the most frequently asked questions about remote video surveillance monitoring, such as how it works, how effective it is in preventing crime, and the benefits it can offer for both businesses and homeowners.

So, whether you’re a business owner looking to protect your property or a homeowner concerned about the safety of your family, read on to learn more about how remote video surveillance can help combat crime and keep you and your property safe.

How do remote video surveillance systems function?

A remotely monitored video surveillance system operates cameras linked to a central monitoring station. These cameras can be positioned in various locations, such as indoors and outdoors of buildings, on roads, and in public areas.

Trained security staff usually operate the monitoring station, which can be on or off-site. The cameras continuously capture live video footage, which is then instantly transmitted to the monitoring station.


The security personnel vigilantly watch the footage for any signs of suspicious activity and respond appropriately, such as contacting the police or dispatching security guards to the location.

The role of remote video surveillance monitoring in crime prevention


Remote monitoring video surveillance has emerged as a crucial tool in the fight against a wide range of criminal activities. The system functions by:

Rapid response

Remotely monitored video surveillance allows for rapid response times to criminal activity. Authorized personnel can view live camera feeds remotely and quickly determine if an incident is occurring, allowing for swift action to be taken.

In situations where immediate action is needed, such as during a break-in, robbery, or assault, the hosted video surveillance system can alert law enforcement, security personnel, or other emergency services to respond quickly, possibly preventing further damage or harm.

Acts as a deterrent

Remote video surveillance monitoring acts as a powerful deterrent to crime. Criminals are less likely to attempt a break-in or other criminal activity if they know that the property is being monitored by surveillance cameras.

The presence of cameras can discourage potential intruders, thieves, and vandals from attempting criminal activity, as they are aware that their actions could be recorded and used against them as evidence.

Spot repeat intruders

Remote video surveillance monitoring can detect potential repeat intruders before they commit another crime. By reviewing video feeds, authorized personnel can recognize any suspicious activity that has occurred on the property and see if the same individual returns in the future.

This makes it easier to take preventative measures against repeat offenders and reduces instances of criminal activity.

Monitoring all entry points into your business

A remote guarding system is designed to monitor all the entry points into a business, such as doors, windows, and other vulnerable areas. This technology utilizes video surveillance cameras that are placed strategically to provide full coverage of the premises.

Remote video surveillance monitoring systems can immediately detect any suspicious activity or unauthorized entry. By monitoring all entry points, these systems help create a secure and safe environment for businesses and their employees.

Fewer false alarms

Remote monitoring video surveillance systems help reduce the number of false alarms. Sometimes security alarms are triggered by natural conditions or harmless movements that cannot be identified by motion detectors alone.

By reviewing footage from surveillance cameras, authorized personnel can distinguish between false alarms and actual security threats, reducing the number of unnecessary alarm responses and allowing security personnel to focus on real security concerns.

Virtual access to your property at any time


A remote guarding system offers 24/7 virtual access to your property. This enables you to view live feeds of all entry points from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Real-time monitoring allows you to detect any suspicious activity and take immediate action to prevent criminal incidents. It also provides you with peace of mind knowing that you can check on your property at any time, even when you’re away from home or the office.

Additionally, if you’re looking to improve the security of your construction site, be sure to read our article on  Video Surveillance Tips for the Best Construction Site Security.

If you want to improve the security of your car dealership, read Car Dealership Security: The Complete Guide to Better Video Surveillance.

The key benefits of choosing remote monitoring

Remote video monitoring offers several key benefits that make it an ideal security solution for many property owners. Some of the most significant advantages include;

Crime prevention: real-time detection and response


With video surveillance remote monitoring, security threats can be spotted in real-time and addressed by trained operators. This enables them to take immediate action to prevent or minimize security breaches by alerting law enforcement or security patrols who can respond to the site at once. Remote video surveillance monitoring helps prevent criminal activity, enhancing safety and strengthening security for businesses and facilities.

Cost-effective: a high level of protection at an affordable price

Remote video surveillance monitoring is a smart investment as it is up to 80% cheaper than hiring a security guard. It provides a high level of protection at an affordable price.

No compromise: 24/7 vigilance and an additional safety layer

A monitored security camera is always on guard, 24/7/365, and can spot criminals even in total darkness. This eliminates the compromise of security when human guards are tired or distracted, providing an additional safety layer.

Evidence and investigation: critical evidence for law enforcement

Video surveillance remote monitoring provides critical evidence that can assist law enforcement investigations. A professional live security camera operator can track every move a criminal makes, gathering evidence that can be used to prosecute the offenders and ensure justice is served.

Reporting and analysis: identifying areas for improvement

Remote video surveillance systems send a customized report of any incidents that happen at your locations, providing detailed information such as event time, place, and what action was taken. This information can be used to analyze patterns of criminal activity and identify areas for improvement.

Alarms, sirens, and audio voice-down activation: proven deterrent to criminal activity


A remote operator can activate inbuilt blue lights, sirens, and voice-down systems on a wireless CCTV surveillance camera if an intrusion is detected at your site. This is a proven deterrent to potential criminal activity as criminals are more likely to be scared and flee.

Expertise: professionalism and experience for ensuring safety

Remote video surveillance monitoring is managed by a team of certified security operators who provide 24/7/365 vigilance. Their expertise and professionalism are critical in ensuring the safety of people and assets.

Convenience: peace of mind without the worry of late-night call-outs

Remote video surveillance monitoring provides complete peace of mind to facility owners and managers. They do not have to worry about late-night call-outs or reviewing sites over the weekends and holidays since remote video surveillance provides round-the-clock vigilance.

Ensures business growth

Last but not the least, by implementing a remote monitoring system, businesses can increase their operational efficiency and improve their bottom line.

With mobile video surveillance monitoring, businesses can streamline their security operations, reduce theft and shrinkage, and identify areas where improvements can be made.

 This can result in cost savings and increased profits, allowing businesses to reinvest in their operations and grow their business.

 Additionally, having a robust security system in place can increase customer confidence and attract more business, leading to further growth opportunities.

Our Beginner Guide to Remote Video Monitoring in 2023 can help you learn more about remote video surveillance.


How do surveillance cameras help prevent crime?

Surveillance cameras act as a deterrent for potential criminals, as they increase the likelihood of being caught and convicted. They also provide evidence for law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute criminals.

Is public video surveillance an effective crime prevention tool?

Yes, public video surveillance can be an effective crime prevention tool when implemented properly. Studies have shown that areas with visible surveillance cameras experience lower crime rates than those without.

How does CCTV work to prevent crime and reduce fear?

CCTV cameras are installed in public places to monitor activities and identify any suspicious behavior. This helps to deter potential criminals and reduces fear by providing a sense of security to the public.

What are the negative effects of surveillance cameras?

One negative effect of surveillance cameras is the potential invasion of privacy. Some people feel uncomfortable being constantly monitored, and there have been cases of misuse of surveillance footage. Additionally, surveillance cameras can be expensive to install and maintain.

How is surveillance used to solve crime?

Surveillance footage can be used as evidence in criminal investigations to identify suspects and provide insight into their activities. It can also help to corroborate witness testimony and provide additional details about a crime scene.

How many crimes are solved by surveillance cameras?

The exact number of crimes solved by surveillance cameras is difficult to determine, as it varies depending on the location and circumstances. However, studies have shown that surveillance footage is often used in investigations and has led to the identification and conviction of criminals.

What are the benefits of surveillance cameras?

Surveillance cameras provide a sense of security to the public, deter potential criminals, and can be used as evidence in criminal investigations. They can also help to reduce costs associated with crime, such as insurance premiums and property damage.

What are the benefits of surveillance cameras for police?

Surveillance cameras can help police to monitor high-crime areas, identify suspects, and provide evidence for criminal investigations. They can also help to improve response times to emergencies and provide a safer work environment for police officers.

Do fake security cameras deter thieves?

Fake security cameras may deter some potential thieves, but they are not as effective as real surveillance cameras. Experienced criminals may be able to identify fake cameras, and they do not provide any evidence for criminal investigations.

What types of businesses or organizations can benefit from remote video surveillance monitoring?

Any business or organization that operates in a high-risk environment, such as a financial institution, retail store, car dealership, construction site, cannabis farm, or warehouse, can benefit from remote video surveillance monitoring.

Can remote video surveillance monitoring be used for both indoor and outdoor settings?

Yes, remote video surveillance monitoring can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings. Cameras can be installed in various locations, such as entrances, parking lots, and hallways, to monitor activity.

What is the difference between a security camera and a surveillance camera?

The terms “security camera” and “surveillance camera” are often used interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference. A security camera is typically used to monitor a specific area or property, while a surveillance camera is used to monitor a larger area, such as a public space or city block.

Protect your property and your peace of mind with Sirix

In summary, cloud video surveillance monitoring is an effective way to combat crime and enhance safety. With its round-the-clock live monitoring, remote access to your property, and quick threat detection, it can discourage criminal activities and provide a sense of security for both homes and businesses. If you’re looking for a reliable remote guarding service, we invite you to visit our website and explore how Sirix can help safeguard your property. We also welcome your comments and feedback in the section below.

Thank you for reading 😊

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