Hosted Access Control

Allowing for better business flexibility, efficiency, and productivity.

Your IT staff can focus on priorities

Cloud computing is gaining popularity with businesses at a rapid rate.

Hosted Access control is another area where this technology can be brilliantly exploited. 

Why choose Hosted Access Control?

You save

Switching to a cloud-based, service-based solution means that the upfront infrastructure investment cost will be significantly reduced. 

Your software stays up to date​

Sirix hosted computing provides, handle all server maintenance, including security updates, in-house, freeing up their customers’ time and resources for other things.

Your data is
backed up

The integrity of your database is secured in the cloud. No need for on-premises replication
and fail over.

You can
start now

The cloud option deploys dramatically fast. One-site or multi-site businesses will benefit from an easy and smooth start with a cloud solution.

Simplified deployment

Traditional access control systems necessitate the installation of a dedicated computer and access control software at the user’s location, an expense and an upfront investment.

With a hosted access control solution the door hardware and readers are the only prerequisite material needed.


How to make an informed decision for my business?

Choose the right manufacturer by asking these questions:

  • How much money does the manufacturer spend on cybersecurity and data privacy annually?
  • Do they have a dedicated cyber team and how large is that team?

Most manufacturers will claim to sell open platform-based products. In reality, hardware often can be integrated with just one specific software. You will have to determine whether it represents a benefit or a disadvantage for your business. Proprietary systems are usually user-friendly and robust, but lack on flexibility when it comes to software integration. A significant factor to consider, if you are yet unsure of your business’s future system requirements.

Look for an efficient cloud platform with these features:

  • Dashboard showing connected doors and cameras’ statuses, number of online users, devices’ bandwidth usage, data collected in aggregate
  • Real-time maps
  • Email alerts
  • Text alerts
  • Reports

A unified system refers to a single platform that fully integrates a variety of applications. In this context, one manufacturer is responsible for the communication of all your basic modules (alarm, video, access control, etc.).

Unifying various core security systems means:  

  1. Seamless upgrades
  2. Consolidated reports
  3. Less failures between modules
  4. Unlimited access control options

Open API platforms offer great possibilities for advanced integration. What’s more, several systems offer custom development in collaboration with your team. An efficient way to capitalize on your investment. 


Access Control

At Sirix, our clients’ response to hosted access control solutions has been overwhelmingly positive.

Every company that opted for this technology has done so again.

Undoubtedly, the approach’s ease of deployment and cost-effectiveness for all parties involved play key roles in business owners’ decisions.

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