Remote Concierge

Remote Concierge operation monitors and manages the arrival of visitors. By combining one-way video and two-way audio, it provides immediate assistance.

How does it work?

Full or partial access rights to the access control system is given to Sirix operators who can open doors or gates to your site remotely. 

Remote Concierge is particularly interesting when paired with a video system and / or a communication system. The security operator can better understand the situation and, if necessary, interact with the visitor.


Remote Concierge - Step by Step

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When is it beneficial?

When visitors are given free access to a facility and are not always supervised by a host. This service is normally used for a door or a gate entrance.

Mobile credentials can be beneficial and make a lot of sense in a managed scenario. It enables customers to take their smartphone’s convenience to the next level by making access control an easy, hassle-free part of their day. The users can receive their credentials virtually without having to wait for a physical ID. 


Applicable industry

Remote concierge may be utilized in almost any industry. Here are a few popular marketplaces.


Validate credentials of driver or vehicles for entry permission.


Manage building access for residents, visitors and contractors trough various security devices.


Maintain visitor control while adhering to your company’s security policies.

Car dealership

For access permission, we keep an eye on and monitor night deliveries.

Access Control

At Sirix, our clients’ response to cloud-based access control solutions has been overwhelmingly positive.

Every company that opted for this technology has done so again.

Undoubtedly, the approach’s ease of deployment and cost-effectiveness for all parties involved play key roles in business owners’ decisions.

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