Managed Access Control

Managed Access Control allows end-users to transfer their security obligations to a Sirix staff member who will administer the system on their behalf.

Trust our experts to take care of your building access so you can focus on running your company.

As internet capabilities blend with the world of access control, customers now have additional options for implementation. System administrator can take on some – or all – of the management of their access control without burdensome commitment or additional training. Managed access control are offered between full outsourcing control or a hybrid approach.

Full Outsourcing

The key benefit of this option is that it allows end-users to delegate their security responsibilities to a competent professional who will administer the system. The end-user can also keep ” Power Administrator” rights on their system and complete segregation of their data and security resources using this architecture.

Key services offered

  • Management of credentials and access rules
  • Distribution of ID card and/or mobile credentials
  • Monitoring of door alarm event
  • Monitoring of health and software
  • Downstream device software update
  • Attendance report
  • Bench test and security score
  • Replication & fail over of database
  • Other inquiries
Hybrid Approach

This option grants shared access to both the end-user and a Sirix operator. Generally, the end-user remains the “Power Administrator’’. Foreseeable challenges may be avoided this way. 

For example, access to specific data or programming rights may be restricted, or else card duplication conflicts with other end-users on the system may exist.

In a controlled environment, mobile credentials may be quite beneficial and make sense. It allows users to take the convenience of their smartphones to the next level by incorporating access control into their daily routine in a simple and hassle-free manner. Users may get their credentials online, rather than needing to wait for a physical ID to arrive in the mail. 


Managed Access Control

Sirix is trusted by enterprises and governments to provide secured hosted solutions. Businesses can focus on the more critical issue of identifying how to best deploy security technologies to control risk, rather than on operating technologies.

We’re here to assist you in learning more about our capabilities and determining the best option for your facility.

Did you know that we offer Hosted Access Control?

With Sirix Hosted Access Control system, just the door hardware and readers are required making it a simplified deployement. 

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